Doggy Day-Care 

Doggy Day Care is not a free-for-all! This is a very structured service with limited availability. 

Saturday & Sunday: Flexible Hours

 $20 an hour.

You are welcome to select the day and time's that works for you within this window. 

Pickup and Drop Off are offered upon request for an addition $5 charge each way. 

Doggy Day Care is a great way to ease your mind during a hectic weekend. Typically we have a very small and structured group in our large, 8,000 square foot backyard. There is never a dull moment and we do are best to keep each dog engaged and active. We ensure we keep a safe and pawsitive environment for every dog with direct engagement that encourages positive socialization. I do not allow the dogs to play aimlessly, this can seem harmless but can be very dangerous. I am the source of their enriching activities and fun time, rather than the dogs finding fun within roughhousing.  

Our number one priority is always safety, if we need to separate a dog for a while we have plenty of space to do so. 

With our large space, we are able to provide the dogs with agility practice as well as other enriching games like fetch and even tossing treats throughout the yard to sniff out! 

We also have a doggy pool for those hot Pacifica days.

Like all MadDog's services, Doggy Day Care is Size Inclusive! 

Nervous about bringing your dog over? That's okay! We are so lucky to have such a large space to work with. We have private area for smaller or more shy dogs to observe the fun while not being apart of it or bothered by it. Parents are always welcome to stay with their pet during Doggy Day Care, but it is highly ill-advised. This is because we do not want the dog feeling as though they need to protect their owner. Feel free to set up a time to come over and check out the set up in the backyard. It is also a great idea to come check out the fun during pick up, more dogs have opened up by the end of our day! 

To ensure success, it is best for me to have some one-on-one time with the dog to build up a relationship before coming to Doggy Day Care. 

Please contact me for more information