Socialization CLasses

Structured Socialization Classes

It is never too late to socialize your dog! 

MadDog's Socialization Class teaches you and your dog what proper socialization is on and off leash. 

This class is also a great tool for easing into the transition of a group walk. 

I work with excitable dogs who are overly-eager to meet new dogs, as well as shy dogs.  

$25 / Hour - (1 hour Sessions) 

Service is best suited for dogs who I have built a relationship with.

Most successful after Three of Four Sessions  

Socializing a dog is a team effort. Results only happen if consistency is kept up in your home. If consistency is not kept, your dog is very unlikely to succeed. 

The location and time of these classes varies on what works best for you and your animal. 

My #1 priority is the safety, well-being, and happiness of your pet. The focus and goal is to provide your pet with a “pawsitive” healthy and comfortable experience each time I care & train them.. I guarantee it!!!

 This is not an obedience class.