Here at MadDog, training is one of our top priorities, alongside safety and having fun. I believe that training is not a challenging obstacle to get through but instead a fun part of every day life. I focus on integrating basic obedience to our walks and encourage neutrality in highly stimulating environments. One of my goals is to show you and your dog that walks CAN be relaxing, and training CAN be fun!

The location of our walk changes everyday! We are lucky to live in such a beautiful town and we often take advantage of its gorgeous hiking trails! We also utilize our busy roads to enforce proper leash manners. 

Group Walk and Trains 

Group Walk and Trains are designed to help busy pawents keep up or create consistency in their dogs life. Not only is it great weekday exercise for your dog, but it is also an opportunity for your dog to learn new skills such as (but not limited to) 

Private Training Walks 

Of course, we all start somewhere!

Each dog is required a minimum of 2 private training walks before they can join group walks. The number of these walks varries for each dog. Some dogs are able to join group walks after their second session, others need to be in private walks for a few weeks before they are ready to join.

The goal of these private training sessions is to teach your dog basic leash manners. Basic Leash Manners can include but are not limited to: 

Of course, I don't expect your dog to go from zero to one hundred in a matter of a few weeks. The goal is to teach them a basic understanding of right and wrong in private sessions giving them the opportunity to follow suit of the other dogs in our groups. 

Prices: Group Walks:
  • 5 Walks / Week $35
  • 4 Walks /Week $40 
  • 3 Walks or Less $45 
Private Training Walks: 
  • $60 / Walk